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Caracoles - Original Painting by Gerald Lubensky

Caracoles - Original Painting by Gerald Lubensky

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Caracoles, 2022

Acrylic on Canvas

48 x 48 

Hand Signed and Dated on the back

“Caracoles” is a flamenco style with origin in “cantiñas” dancing, more specifically in an "cantiña" called "La caracolera". It was developed at the end of the 19th century in Madrid. Singers used to add some lyrics and melodic verses to “caracoles” or simply merge it with other “cantinas”.

José de Sanlúcar is considered the first singer who magnified this singing before Antonio Chacón spread it. Later, other singers such as El Niño de Almaden, kept this flamenco style. Currently, this singing is rarely used.

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