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A Formal Space by Eric Gibbons

A Formal Space by Eric Gibbons

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A Formal Space (2008)

by Eric Gibbons

Model: Meg of NJ

Original Oil On Canvas 

32.5 X 32.5 Framed

The Box Series is an extraordinary body of work, which reexamines the human condition and their relationships for a contemporary audience.  These black and white oils are inspired by the artist's journey to Paris and rediscovering the neoclassical paintings of Jacques-Louis David and Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. Gibbons was motivated to create a body of work that would be powerful, and significant today while still able to stand the test of time. Gibbon's work uniquely combines the best traditions of East and West. His fine arts training was primarily conducted in Japan and steeped in the traditions of Asian brush painting and composition. He successfully combines with the aesthetics' of Greco-Roman classical figurative imagery. 

Eric Gibbons has become known for his monochromatic oil paintings of the figure. Though he has a large portfolio of both male and female subjects, he has become widely known and published for his classical works of male figures. His work can be seen in such books as 100 Artists of the Male Figure, Powerfully Beautiful, The Oil Paintings of E. Gibbons, and the premier edition of the quarterly journal, The Art of Man
E. Gibbons' work has exhibited internationally including Japan, Paris, and Egypt, as well New York, Miami, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, & San Francisco. Work in this series is in several prestigious private and public collections including the Obama White House. 

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