San Diego Art Advisory, the new Mission Hills fine art gallery, is a joint venture of Alexander Salazar, a prominent fine artist and gallerist, and Darcy Kempton, an established Interior Designer and Curator from San Diego. Their shared vision is to create an inspiring space for art to thrive in Mission Hills, benefiting not only San Diego but also extending its influence to Orange County, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Baja, and beyond.

Alexander Salazar is making a triumphant return to San Diego, infusing the art scene with daring works from acclaimed artists worldwide, including his own impressive creations. Meanwhile, Darcy Kempton's focus lies in supporting collectors by expertly curating collections that reflect the experiences they desire to have in their homes.

The SD Art Advisory aims to foster lasting relationships with artists and collectors alike, expertly pairing collectors with artworks that bring them joy and enhance their personal pursuit of happiness.