Collection: Lee Yim Choon

Born in Goseong, Korea in 1965, Yim inherited three generations of traditional Korean bamboo and paper art. At a young age, he learned these skills from his father during their bamboo-harvesting expeditions. The beauty of the bamboo forests, witnessed during a rainstorm, deeply impacted Yim's artistic sensibilities, motivating him to replicate the spectacle on canvas.

Yim's artistic journey has led him to experiment with various materials and techniques, integrating Korean traditional paper, bamboo art, soil, sand, and light. He later introduced western oil paint to Korean traditional paper, resulting in a distinctive style and texture. His artistic evolution expanded to include sculpture, installation art, and performance art.

One of his most significant innovations is "Tearing Art," which involves removing canvas, applying Korean traditional paper, and painting on both sides of the canvas. The torn and twisted canvas layers create a dynamic blending of colors, representing the past, present, and future.

Yim's "Sola Halo Technique" incorporates acrylic and mother-of-pearl on canvas, showcasing a unique and visually captivating approach to modern art. The technique's brilliance is best appreciated in person, as it creates a jewel-like ambiance that cannot be fully conveyed through photography.

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