Collection: Elena Bulatova

Elena Bulatova is an internationally celebrated artist, with growing collections and even faster growing global praise. Bulatova, originally from Russia, is a unique and versatile artist who works in a variety of mediums, while always maintaining her colorful aesthetic and positive meaning.
Bulatova’s artistic career catapulted in California putting her abstract paintings and her famous “Sweet Life” sculptures, Lollipops and Popsicles, into important private and public collections around the globe. Abstraction is profoundly personal for Bulatova, having always been deeply moved by the gestural splashes of the great artists before her. Because she has had the opportunity to visit so many museums worldwide, as an international artist, she grew a deep affinity and appreciation for abstract expressionism. When it came time to paint - it came easily to her, it was a natural flow.
One of Bulatova’s newest series of works is a collection of artwork that features positive statements with a universal message, called Affirmative Mirrors. Designed as a mirror with a backlight of color-changing LED lights, this is an interactive artwork that is intended to remind the viewer of their true self-worth. Elena Bulatova uses her talented hands to create artwork that inspires others.
Bulatova continues to grow in stardom as her work appears in Hollywood film and television. A watchful eye may have already spotted the famed “Red Lollipop” in popular television shows such as: Lucifer, Little Fires Everywhere, and Inventing Anna. With millions of viewers watching from their homes, these iconic works by Bulatova are unmistakable and eye-catching in the center of the the screen. Displayed amongst some of the most elite sets and actors in Hollywood, stay tuned and look for Bulatova on the big screen.
Off the big screen, Elena Bulatova Fine Art gallery currently maintains two brick and mortar locations for collectors and new enthusiasts to visit daily. The California location sits in the center of beautiful El Paseo Drive in Palm Desert, while the stunning Las Vegas location is located inside The Shops at Crystals, in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Bulatova has been celebrated for her artistic talent and business savvy with many awards, most recently the recipient of the “Family and Visitor Attraction Award” - two years in a row by LUX Life Magazine. LUX Life Magazine has also honored Elena Bulatova the title of “Fine Art Gallery of the Year” for 2020, as part of the LUX Global Excellence Awards.