Collection: Deborah Malotte

Deborah Malotte is a contemporary artist who was drawn to the arts in all its many expressions from an early age. By the age of 17 she was selling her metal sculptures at Nepenthes in Big Sur.

Initially studying at Monterey Peninsula College and then College of the Desert, she experimented with many forms of art from painting and jewelry making to textiles. Eventually she found painting and patinas on copper to be her chosen mediums.

Since 1995 she worked collaboratively with her friend and business partner Pamela Rae, Pamela creating the figurative sculptures for their art. Their work can be found in numerous private collections in the United States, Europe and Japan. Sadly, Pamela passed away unexpectedly in 2021. 

Deborah has returned to being a contemporary painter and mixed media artist. Her artistic vocabulary is to create fluid movement with space and color.

“The process of creating comes alive and moves and changes as I work. At times I feel like I am watching it take on a life if it’s own. The process is intuitive and spontaneous and done with a rhythm that makes each work unique. Sometimes this happens magically with little effort…other times it is a lengthy process of layer upon layer of colors and textures constantly changing. Then there is that moment when I know it is complete…it has taken on an energy uniquely it’s own…”