Collection: Ansley Pye

I began my professional art career as a watercolorist. I am a self-taught artist. My exploration began in the late 80’s more as a way of healing, but I learned that I had a voice and worked to build the skills to express what I saw. I continued to learn taking workshops with Douglas Walton and, painting with other artists such as Carol Light and Sean Sullivan as well as learning by doing. I expanded into working with oils in the late 90’s after discovering the richness of the medium and the brilliance of the colors. I still occasionally dabble in watercolor for fun, but my first love has become the medium of oil paint.

My subject matter has grown and developed over the years, but has remained steadfast to the concept of the arbitrary marks left behind from events in our lives, good or bad. From the early years of leaves where I found the beauty by the tears and blemishes left behind to the lines and splatters I added to my figurative work. All of these are a representation of the patterns we each create that make the tapestry of our life.  

My new abstract work I feel is the culmination of this concept. Each painting is created by multiple layers of oil paint (no medium). I can add up to 20 layers, drying in between the applications. Every painting is original because of the application process and choice of colors used. Each  painting is an image of a tapestry unique  unto itself and unlike any other.